Friday, April 28, 2017

a rose for her // officially into poetry

After thinking too much, I've decided to change the name and web address of my blog from to I'm also planning to buy my own domain once this blog becomes stable so that I no longer have to see the "blogspot" word sitting beside my blog name hahaha!!!

Why a-rose-for-her? So there's this book called "A Rose For Emily" by William Faulkner and it's where I got the inspiration for the name of my poetry blog. In the book, no one gave Emily a rose but the rose symbolizes sympathy and love that the author and the viewers could feel towards Emily. The same goes with my poems. The rose symbolizes the poems that I want to share to girls and women out there. I don't want to call myself a poet because I'm too far to be called as one but I like expressing myself through writing since I'm not really into talking LOL.

I have so much in my heart and mind but sometimes I'm lost for words to say and lost for people to talk to but my paper and pen has been with me all the time and they have become my best friends in my loneliest times. I wonder everyday what women of my age are feeling right now and I can't help but think that perhaps, some are happy while others are sad. Some are celebrating while others are grieving. But poetry makes me realize that it's okay to be sad, broken, and mad. Poetry teaches us that every feeling is valid and important and that no matter what we are feeling right now, poetry understands.

I'm still trying to compile the poems I've written but I hope I'll be able to gather all of them by tomorrow so I can start publishing them here as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

xoxo Sheilababy

Sunday, April 2, 2017


bonjour! hello! magandang araw!

new blog name, new blog address, new layout, new theme - blog revamping!!!

Yep! I'm back to blogging.  I've been away from this blog for so loooooong that I'm quite scared while writing this coz I feel like my blog is going to spank me for leaving her without notice. I'm sorry my baby blog *cries cries*.

Am I back for good? Yeah, I think yeah haha. I can't promise but I'll try my best. I love blogging but I admit I don't have good time management skills so whenever I'm busy because of school related stuffs, I tend to give up the things that I like to do such as watching movies, exercising, and yes, blogging.

A lot of things have happened in my life throughout my absence in the blogging world. Good and bad, happy and sad, sweet and bitter. Name it all. I've gone through all of it and I think it's one of the reasons why I feel that this time around, I would be able to take responsibility of this blog which I failed to do before. I would not go into details as to what are those things that happened but I must say, I'm stronger now (at least mentally and emotionally haha), open-minded, goal-oriented, and a realist. Yes, I'm a realist and I must say it really makes a big difference when you see things in a realist's point of view. You become more practical and less judgmental. Well, that's gonna be another post.Ha!

So I've decided to make this blog a poetry site where I can post my favorite poems that I've written through the years. Though I can't really say that I'll be able to post everything because I've lost some of them already :( :( I started writing poems when I was eleven but back then, it was just for fun and more of "i'm-bored-so-imma-write" thing for me. Now, it's different. I have come to realize that I love writing poems FOR REAL. Not because I'm bored but because I love poetry. And I've realized that I understand myself more when I write. It's like a big part of me is healed when I'm able to spill out my emotions into words. I thank myself for realizing this now. And I thank you for reading this.

xoxo sheilababy